New Caste Certificate Form Download Pdf

New Caste Certificate Form Download Pdf: All castes of Caste Certificate (Caste Certificate) & Bonafide (Certificate of Origin) in Rajasthan will be found on this page in Form Pdf format. If you have not found a pdf of any form on this site and you want it, then you can comment in the comment box given below. The form you need will be tried to reach you as soon as possible.

Important information - Dear kiosk holder, some changes have been made in the application form of the original residence and caste certificate, so all the applications from today should be done according to the new form and at the time of application, the original (original) document should be scanned and uploaded.

A review meeting of E-Mitra holders was held under the chairmanship of SDM sir (subdivision officer) at all block levels for the last 1 month, which has led to the conclusion that now all of you kiosk holders, whether it is native residence caste certificate or any other When applying for the service, you have to upload the original (original) documents while applying online for that service.

For this, the kiosk holder can follow the following procedure: When a customer (applicant) comes to the kiosk, you ask for the original document (original) from them, then scan all the original documents and save them in your computer system, after which the photo of all the documents -Copy all the copies of the photo-copy, get it verified by the applicant, after that, while applying online, you will get the original document (s) Application date form) can be uploaded and verified copy them to keep streamlined department-wise at its center in conjunction with the Application Form |

Note - All kiosk holders should work according to the rules so that the application made by you should be made as soon as possible.
In the last few days, a few cases have come up in which the application duty has been sorted in the original (original) document and applied to the e-friend kiosk, which has been caught during the investigation, so the kiosk holders will get the wrong type of people. The original (original) documents are scanned and uploaded at the time of application.

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